Meet Our Staff

The CASE staff are energetic and invested in working to raise the diversity of the Canadian labour market.

The unique skills and experience that each staff member brings are essential to CASE’s work to increase employment inclusion of Canadians who experience disability.

If you have any questions about CASE staff or programs, please contact us directly.

Joanna Goode

Executive Director

Ontario, Canada

Shifat Ara

Director of Communications

Ontario, Canada

Mary Beshai

Director - MentorAbility Canada

Quebec, Canada

Kristen Bohonis

Mentorship and Event Coordinator - MentorAbility Canada

Ontario, Canada

Nicholas Brown-Hernandez

Learning and Development

Ontario, Canada

Akshi Chadha

E-Learning Content Writer and Editor

Ontario, Canada

Tanya Chapman

Innovation Lab

Ontario, Canada

Richard Cockrem

National Hub Coordinator - MentorAbility Canada

Manitoba, Canada

Belinda Deenik

Director of Learning and Development

Nova Scotia, Canada

Ashley Hammond

National Trainer & Enrollment Coordinator

Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Albert Ho

LMS Content Developer - Learning and Development

British Columbia, Canada

Shannon Johnson

MERL Specialist - Innovation Lab

Ontario, Canada

Lenore Klein

National Event Planner

Ontario, Canada

Janesse Leung

Social Media Specialist

Nova Scotia, Canada

Mado Limoges

Learning and Development

Ontario, Canada

Nicole MacDonald

Member Engagement Coordinator

Newfoundland, Canada

Joy McKinnon

New Concepts Coordinator - Innovation Lab

Saskatchewan, Canada

Sope Ogunrinde

Project Director - Innovation Lab

Ontario, Canada

Jeanette Paynter

Financial Controller

Nova Scotia, Canada

Lyne Pilon

Graphic Designer

Quebec, Canada

Brenda Piquette

Content Writer

British Columbia, Canada

Tonya Seabrook

Employer Engagement Coordinator - Innovation Lab

Nova Scotia, Canada

Sophie Van Kessel

Bilingual National Resource Coordinator - MentorAbility Canada

Quebec, Canada

Erin Walker

Project and Systems Manager - MentorAbility Canada

Ontario, Canada

Glen Walsh

Employer Engagement Coordinator - MentorAbility Canada

Ontario, Canada

Courtney Weaver

Learning and Development Assistant - Learning and Development

Ontario, Canada

Xiyu Zhou

Assistant Financial Controller

Nova Scotia, Canada

Want to know more about us?

Click on the links provided to learn more about CASE.

Want to Know More About Us?

Click on the links provided to learn more about CASE.


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