Celebrating MentorAbility Canada

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In April 2019, CASE launched the MentorAbility Canada Project. MentorAbility is a national supported employment initiative that provides an opportunity for education and awareness to be shared between employers and people experiencing a disability in communities across Canada. As we enter year 2 of the project, it's time to celebrate the MentorAbility matches that have been happening across Canada.

Through MentorAbility, Brody was matched with Ralph Van Worden Automotive Repair. This MentorAbility experience provided him with an opportunity to shadow three mechanics and work directly on vehicles along-side of each employee. Through discussion, Body was able to explore how the mechanics choose their field of work given their diverse backgrounds.

Learn more about MentorAbility Canada here and read Brody's success story here.

“MentorAbility: Creating an inclusive workforce - one person at a time”

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