Here’s how CASE is Building a Stronger Workforce


Here’s how CASE is Building a Stronger Workforce

Earlier this week CASE excitedly announced our newest project, Building a Stronger Workforce.
We recognized a gap between Canadian employers and access to supported employment resources, so we made it easier for employers to engage with CASE’s library of tools. Building a Stronger Workforce provides employers with quick access to online tools, training resources, best practices and the FREE services offered by our network of employment service providers—all with just one click!

The goals of the project are simple, yet significant:

Raise awareness.
Building a Stronger Workforce clearly communicates the benefits and opportunities of inclusive employment. These benefits include an educated and skilled workforce ready for hire, improved job performance, lower turnover and higher attendance.
Dispel myths.
Throughout the project, we will disprove common stereotypes cast against job-seekers with disabilities and help employers to develop and maintain truly inclusive workplaces. Why? Because diversity and inclusion are good for business.
Cultivate interest.
By raising awareness and dispelling common myths, employers in Canada will increase their capacity to make workplaces more accessible and inclusive. When businesses make their employment practices more inclusive of people with disabilities, everyone wins!
2020 was a year of uncertainty, change and adaptation. We recognize that it has especially affected persons with disabilities and increased inequalities in Canada's workforce, so Building a Stronger Workforce will help job-seekers with disabilities find and keep jobs, while also improving workplaces. There has never been a more crucial time for organizations to be resilient, and we believe that inclusion and supported employment will enable the Canadian workforce to be more adaptable in the face of change.
To learn more about Building a Stronger Workforce, click here.

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