2021 Program

Conference Schedule

View or download the complete 2021 Annual National Supported Employment Conference schedule.

Conference Program


View or download the 2021 Annual National Supported Employment Conference program.

An Updated Conference Program is Coming Soon.

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Keynote Speakers


Al Etmanski

Disability advocate, community organizer, social entrepreneur & author

Caroline Casey

Award winning social entrepreneur & founder of The Valuable 500

Maayan Ziv

Activist, photographer & entrepreneur


Ada Swierszcz

Good Foot Delivery

Amanda Hodgson

Carleton University

Amy Park

Gateway Association 

Andrea Langille

Public Service Commission of Canada

Anna Nelson


Annette Borrows


Augustin David

University of Sherbrooke Student

Benjamin Audet

Vision Travail

Bill Forman

Alberta Safeguards Foundation

Bradley Daye

Placemaking P4G

Brandi Matheson


Carol Logan

Prince George Hotel / Cambridge Suites Hotel

Christian St-Cyr

BC Labour Market Report

Christine Bélanger

Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit

Diane Harvey

Association québécoise pour la réadaptation psychosociale

Donna Gallant

Ability Employers

Dr. Rachelle Hole

UBC Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship

Elaine Logier

The Career Foundation

Emily McIntyre

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Emily Jooste

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Ernie Thiessen

Premier Personnel

François Lauzier-Jobin

Association québécoise pour la réadaptation psychosociale

Hayley Kellett

The Making Box

Heather Baglole

Independent Living Nova Scotia

Jenna Lambert

Carleton University

Joy McKinnon


Joseph Giulone


Kelly Fox


Kim Aker


Kim Cooper

Youth Culture Inc.

Lisa Spencer

Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit

Lisa Jane De Gara

Gateway Association

Lynda Tessier

Centre de services à l'emploi de Prescott-Russell

Lynn Bruyère

Ability Employers

Marie-Josée Crawford

TEAM Work Cooperative

Marni Lifshen

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Michael Andrews

Canadian Food Inspection Agency | Government of Canada

Matthew Dirks

Communitas Supportive Care Society

Matt Thomson

Placemaking P4G

Matthew Jamieson

TEAM Work Cooperative

Maureen Haan

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Michelle Stayers

Independent Living Nova Scotia

Nick Yeo

RISE Helps

Nicole Diakite

Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit

Nicole Tieze

The Career Foundation

Nicole Osmond

RISE Helps Nova Scotia

Rita English


Riz Ibrahim


Sahana Parameswara

Gateway Association

Sean McEwen

Real Eyes Capacity

Shannon White

Cedars & Sage

Sharon Ferriss


Sherry Costa

Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities

Stacey Corriveau

BC Centre for Social Entreprise

Tracy Williams

Career Connections Inc. 

Wanda Deschamps

Liberty Co

Yekatarina Kaplun

Artbeat Studio


Gala Entertainment

CASE is thrilled to welcome Michael McCreary as the 26th Annual Supported Employment Conference Gala Host! 

Twenty-four-year-old Michael McCreary is an autistic comedian, author and TEDX speaker who’s been performing stand-up comedy since age 13. In the past 6 years, he has performed stand-up shows and keynote addresses in every province in Canada.

Michael McCreary gives you permission to laugh at the lighter side of Autism Spectrum Disorder with his act: “Does This Make My Asperger’s Look Big?”

Come celebrate with us!

Attendance to the Gala and Awards Lunch is included with your registration.

Registration Information

During the Gala, we will announce the recipient of the 3 CASE Awards.


Self-Care Stream

This year we are thrilled to offer a Self-Care Stream amongst our agenda.

We know how hard this year has been and how important self-care is for the soul. This stream gives you the perfect opportunity to take a breath and enjoy some hands-on activities.

We are offering 5 self-care breakout sessions:

  • Cooking
  • Crafts
  • Improv
  • Mindfullness
  • Yoga

Take care

Instructions with material will be send ahead of time to all registered. 


Session Descriptions

DF1. Caroline Casey and MentorAbility Employer Focused Workshop

Caroline Casey, Charles Lapierre

DF2. Cross Canada Check-In: Practical Outcomes From Provincial Strategies

Maureen Haan, Ernie Thiessen, Jospeh Giulone, Sean McEwen

DF3. The Road Less Travelled - Labour Market Participation Through The Gig Economy and Supported Self-employment

Stacey Corriveau, Matt Dirks, Christian St-Cyr, Nick Yeo, Nicole Osmond, Annette Borrows

DF4. The Future Generation- Make way for Youth Transitions

Dr. Rachel Hole, Joy McKinnon

A1. Virtual reality to help with career choices

Lynda Tessier, M. Ed., c.o.

A2. Beyond the Surface - Youth, Integration and Inclusion

Kim Cooper

A3. Supporting Resilience and Innovation Across Career Services in Canada

Sharon Ferriss Riz Ibrahim

A4. Innovation and Solutions from COVID-19: Tools for organizations and business

Emily Jooste, Marni Lifshen

Self-Care Stream: Cooking

A5. Make the perfect omelette

Rita English

Come make the perfect Omelette with a professional Chef. The list of ingredients will be available in advance.

B1. Pivoting and Onboarding in a Work From Home World - A success story!

Anna Nelson, Michael Andrews, Kelly Fox

B2. Deaf Culture Awareness: A Guide For Employment Support Services

Marie-Josee Crawford, Matt Jamieson

B3. A Holistic Approach to Employment Support for Post-Secondary Students

Jenna Lambert, Amanda Hodgson

B4. Neurodiversity - A Workforce Asset

Wanda Deschamp

Self-Care Stream: Art

B5. Landscape Finger Painting

A course on acrylic finger painting, similar to our childhood experience is now something for everyone and all ages. Working with acrylic paint in blues, white, purple, green and yellow, our facilitator will create a classic landscape with you.

Acrylic paint: blue (bright, light and navy), a few pairs of rubber/latex gloves for finger painting, a medium sized brush, a 9x12 canvas to work on. All of these supplies can be found in Dollarama.

C1. Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit for Supported Employment

Lisa Spencer, Nicole Diakite, Christine Bélanger

C2. Opening Doors - Accessing Federal Public Sector Employment - FIPCD and Accessible, Inclusive Employment

Andrea Langille, Annette Borrows

C3. The Nature and Power of Work and Career

Bill Forman

C4. Empowering Learners: Digital Literacy and the Gateway to Inclusion App

Lisa Jane de Gara, Amy Park, Sahana Parameswara

Self-Care Stream: Yoga

C5. Enhance Your Well-Being and Your Workplace with Hatha and Laughter Yoga

Karen Lord

In this session, Karen Lord will talk about her story – how she became a yoga teacher and started her own Light Heart Yoga business. She will also lead us through a session of Hatha and Laughter Yoga. As a person with a disability, Karen knows the benefit of yoga and how it can help you and your workplace.
This session has limited seating – pre-registration will be sent in advance to all delegates.

D1. Mental Health First Aid

Shannon White

D2. Creating Virtual Communities: Using Video Games to Support Youth Employment

Heather Baglole, Michelle Sayers

D3. Providing Safe Culture in Employment Services

Matthew Jamieson

D4. Adapting During COVID-19: Entering the E-commerce Landscape

Ada Swierszcz

Self-Care Stream: Mindfulness

D5. From Chaos to Peace

During this time of global uncertainty and of inner and outer unrest, we need more than ever the right tools that can boost a sense of well-being.

Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice and is recognized as an effective therapeutic tool to support and enhance mental, emotional, and physical wellness.

In this 75-minute webinar you will learn and explore the quintessential ingredients of mindfulness practice; Awareness, Attention, and Acceptance and how to effectively manage stress and implement self-care through an approach of; response vs reaction; compassion vs criticalness; and acceptance vs. avoidance.

This webinar is both informative and experiential and includes guided mindfulness practice and a period of self-reflection and exploration. Appropriate for all levels, demographics, and faith beliefs.

E1. Action and recovery in mental health

Francois Lauzier-Jobin, Augustin David

E2. How End User Testers can make or break accessibility compliance

Elaine Logie, Nicole Tieze

E3. Beyond the Hockey Arena: Fostering Employment Opportunities in Rural Communities

Sherry Costa, Tracy Williams, Benjamin Audet, Joy McKinnon, Kim Aker

E4. Inspiration, Innovation, Intention!

Lynn Bruyere, Matt Thomson, Donna Gallant, Bradley Daye, Carol Logan

Self-Care Stream: Mindfullness

E5. Bring Back The Fun! Energizing Online Connections Using Humour and Improvisation

Join this session if you’re looking to connect with your CASE community in playful and creativity ways. Using activities and ideas from applied improvisation, we aim to leave you feeling energized and deeply connected.

Session outline:

  • What We Aim To Accomplish Together
  • The Energizer
  • Playfulness and Presence
  • Connection and Community
  • Reflection