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Digital literacy is quickly becoming recognized as a critical skill set that supports life-long learning and increases employability.

With significant changes to the labour market both globally and nationally, job seekers and new employees require the ability to use technology to effectively find information, communicate and complete job related tasks.

While technical innovations across all aspects of our lives have increasingly called for a degree of digital literacy, the workforce is facing exponential growth in the use of digital platforms, applications and tools. This course is designed to ensure that all members of our communities have reasonable access to and an understanding of digital tools for daily living and employment purposes.

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment currently offers two programs;
A Train the Trainer Digital Literacy Certificate Program designed for employment professionals and a Digital Literacy Certificate Program designed for job seekers.  Both certificate programs were created in partnership with the University of the Fraser Valley, Community Futures South Fraser, Community Futures Ventures and the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program of BC.

Digital Literacy Training Downloadables

Take this test to explore what you know about digital literacy.

This document contains a set of tests that will help your instructor know where you should begin in the Digital Literacy Online Certificate Program.
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Digital Literacy Course Outline

This document provides an outline of the key learning objectives addressed in the Digital Literacy Certificate Program.
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Train the Trainer Digital Literacy Certificate Program

The Train the Trainer Digital Literacy Certificate Program offers employment professionals an opportunity to assess their current digital literacy skills and access learning modules, lesson plans and resources, in order to support job seekers in increasing their capacity.  Employment professionals will be equipped to support their clients in moving beyond basic knowledge by inviting them to engage in critical thinking about online safety and teaching them how to manage their online presence and leverage social media for employment related purposes.

This program is designed to enable employment service providers to offer a value added and vital service to their job seekers.   When an employment professional has successfully completed the program, they are eligible to refer students to the ‘Digital Literacy Certificate Program’ provided they offer one to one support to ensure its successful completion.

Digital Literacy Certificate Program

The Digital Literacy Certificate Program addresses core competencies around using a computer, troubleshooting basic computer problems, connecting to the internet, safely navigating the web, performing online banking, designing an online safety plan, creating a social media presence, working with the cloud and developing Word, Excel and Google documents.

Course Delivery

Train the Trainer Digital Literacy Certificate Program

The ‘Train the Trainer Digital Literacy Certificate Program is conducted on CASE’s Learning Portal and includes 3 primary modules.  This program is 100% web-based and participants have a 3-month window in which to complete the program.   The average time required to complete the program is 15 – 20 hours.

Digital Literacy Certificate Program

The ‘Digital Literacy Certificate Program’ is provided through a combination of web-based learning and one to one instruction from a qualified instructor (someone who has completed the Train the Trainer Certificate Program).

Registration Fees

Registrant Type | Type d’inscription Cost |Cout $ (CDN)
Train the Trainer Digital Literacy Certificate Program Reg $300
Digital Literacy Certificate Program $300
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Click to Register Online - November 2022
To register contact:

Belinda Deenik, National Training Coordinator

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