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The Inclusion Challenge for Employers

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What is the Inclusion Challenge?

The Inclusion Challenge is for employers who want to increase their awareness of inclusive practices, policies and workplace strategies for persons with disabilities. Employers will have an opportunity to increase their knowledge, access resources and tools, and learn practical tips and strategies for recruitment, inclusion and retention of people with disabilities.

Why should I participate?

Workplace inclusion is good for business. We work with several Canadian companies, and there are clear benefits for businesses that have welcomed diversity and inclusion within their organizations. Companies that are committed to creating inclusive workplaces experience:
  • enhanced productivity and performance, positively impacting their overall bottom line;
  • access to a pool of productive employees with a solid work ethic, strong attendance and safety records, and high retention rates;
  • increased capacity for innovation and creative thinking, which informs new products and has a positive impact on relationships with existing customers;
  • the development of a more robust and engaging ‘brand’ and 'culture’ thereby enhancing their ability to acquire new talent and value all of their employees; and
  • improved employee engagement across the board.

What can I expect?

  • Access to a provincial resource able to coordinate and connect you to resources, information, mentoring experiences, and a national network of employment service providers.
  • Connection to a Provincial Coordinator who is a trusted guide with extensive knowledge around disability and inclusion. They will help you navigate inclusive workplaces and build your knowledge around inclusive workforces specific to individuals experiencing a disability.
  • Opportunity to increase their knowledge, access resources and tools and to start/continue to take action around advancing their inclusion efforts.
  • Learn about the benefits of growth in revenue, access to a growing consumer market and underutilized talent pool, improved brand image, increased customer loyalty, and many more!
  • Leverage an opportunity to demonstrate community leadership while building their capacity for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.
  • Develop strong working relationships with resources within a provincial and national network.
  • Public recognition with three (3) employers receiving accolades for their leadership to build a more inclusive business/organization at the Annual Canadian Association for Supported Employment Conference in June 2021.

Is the service free?

Yes, access to our Provincial Coordinators​, advice, training resources and tools are absolutely free!

Employer Spotlight


Chantelle Painter

Manager of Recruitment and Engagement

The Brick is Canada’s largest retailer of home furnishings, mattresses, appliances and electronics. For more than 40 years, they've been helping the nation find the perfect products for their homes at incredible prices. With headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, they have over 200 locations across Canada, including franchises, sister organizations and other members of the Brick family. As an inclusive employer, The Brick believes that their teams flourish with diversity. They recognize that the contributions that people make are varied and they value each contribution equally.
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