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The MentorAbility Initiative

Are you a service provider or community partner interested in strengthening your employer engagement while providing meaningful career exploration opportunities for your clients who experience a disability? Become a MentorAbility Partner and join a national network of professionals seeking the same!
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MentorAbility Canada Partner Benefits

Partners will work with the MentorAbility team to facilitate mentoring experiences in their communities. By becoming a MentorAbility Canada Partner you will:

Increase employment outcomes for job seekers experiencing disability:

The mentorship experience allows job seekers to find out more information about a possible career path, expand their professional network, get advice from people with experience in different types of work, and much more!

Promote your work through MentorAbility Canada:

We connect employers and jobseekers, and raise awareness in the business community about the talent you represent. MentorAbility Canada can share your mentorship experiences and give increased visibility to your organization in your province or territory and nationally.

Develop new employer engagement techniques and tools:

MentorAbility is a valuable new tool in a growing toolkit of resources and approaches to increase inclusion in the workplace – one that serves job seekers, employers, and employment service agencies alike.

Join an active and engaged community of practice:

MentorAbility has been designed and implemented by employment service providers just like you. Our network provides many opportunities for sharing best practices, up-to-date resources, and new ideas. We are learning from each other and building new knowledge and skills, together. We are challenging ourselves and working collaboratively to increase our impact.

Receive support for your employer engagement events:

MentorAbility Canada delivers hundred of networking and learning events, employer peer-to-peer events, and with a variety of tailored activities during Disability Employment Awareness Month. (DEAM).

Participate in training opportunities:

MentorAbility  Canada supports employers, people experiencing disabilities, and service providers to build their mentoring skills. 

Become a MentorAbility Partner

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