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Are you an employer interested in exploring workplace diversity and expanding your employee engagement strategies? Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge of inclusive employment while providing a short-term mentorship opportunity to a person experiencing a disability? Consider becoming a MentorAbility Canada mentor!
MentorAbility Canada is a national supported employment initiative that facilitates unique, short-term mentoring opportunities between employers and people experiencing a disability. By providing and celebrating successful mentoring experiences in communities across Canada, this initiative is part of a national effort to promote the employment of Canadians experiencing disability.
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The MentorAbility Canada team will help match employers with a skilled person experiencing a disability (the protégé) for a short mentoring experience that could last from 1 hour to 1 day. The protégé is interested in learning more about a career in your sector.
As a participating employer, you will be supported throughout the process by skilled employment professionals. MentorAbility is free and there is no expectation of a job offer.

By becoming a MentorAbility Canada employer-mentor you will:

  • Gain awareness of a new talent pool: Through this experience, you and your staff can discover how to tap into a skilled pool of candidates who experience a disability.
  • Develop new employee engagement and inclusion skills: By participating in the MentorAbility Canada initiative, you will gain knowledge and skills to help you integrate job seekers with disabilities in your workplace.
  • Provide your staff with professional development opportunities: Mentoring a person interested in a career in your sector provides a valuable professional development opportunity for staff.
  • Expand your network: Develop strong working relationships with local employment service providers who can help you tap into competent future talent pools and connect with the MentorAbility network at large.
  • Promote your work through MentorAbility Canada provincially and nationally: Participating employers demonstrate community leadership and a commitment to workplace inclusion. You will be recognized as contributing to a national effort to promote the employment and empowerment of Canadians experiencing disabilities.
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The MentorAbility Canada network is working with mentors from the following organizations from across the country.
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MentorAbility National Employer

MentorAbility Canada is collaborating with businesses and organizations in other sectors, from coast-to-coast, who are committed to making their workplaces more inclusive to people experiencing disability. We would like to highlight one of those employers!
"Our experience with MentorAbility has been beneficial both personally and professionally for the participants and our company as a whole. From the interview, straight through to performance management, we can become better managers, leaders, and humans by engaging with views which may not be entirely familiar to us. It allows us to get better at what we do."

Chantelle Painter, The Brick
HR Recruitment and Engagement Manager

Participating Employers

The MentorAbility Canada network is working with mentors from the following organizations across the country.

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