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The Resource Hub provides access to a rich source of information on supported employment and inclusive workforces.

It provides resources published by CASE, its members, and other Canadian and international organizations.

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Content Disclaimer

This resource hub contains a wide array of offerings, including:

  • original copyright protected resources generated by CASE;
  • research articles; and
  • resources developed by a diverse group of authors and organizations.


The resources in this collection represent the views and opinions of the original creators. Some resources, in particular historical research articles, do not reflect CASE’s current contemporary understanding of disability or the respectful language that we embrace as an association.

CASE recognizes that a notable amount of research about disability and the workplace is premised in medical, psycho-social, and rehabilitative models, which have historically led to stigmatization and discrimination against people who experience disability. As we attempt to balance sharing historical references that highlight key findings, with our commitment to advancing the respectful inclusion of persons who experience disability in the workforce, we are committed to the ongoing evaluation of the resources in our resource hub. Should you have any feedback pertaining to the resources stored within the hub, please contact:

Joanna Goode, Executive Director at

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About the Resource Hub

The Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) welcomes the supported employment community to contribute to the collection of resources housed in the Resource Hub.

The collection of these resources will be reviewed by CASE’s Resource Hub Committee. CASE does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Readers are encouraged to contact the author of the source of the publication for accuracy of the data and findings. CASE reserves the right to add, delete or remove resources. In addition, CASE acknowledges that not all resources submitted are available in both of Canada’s official languages and not all are accessible.

If you would like to strengthen the supported employment sector in its efforts build a more inclusive workforce in Canada, we invite you to submit resources for consideration.

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