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November Member Spotlight – Life Directions

NOVEMBER MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Life Directions CASE is excited to announce November’s CASE Member Spotlight: Life Directions.  Life Directions is an employment subsidiary of South-East Grey Support Services (SEGSS) created in […]

MentorAbility Experience: Laura

MentorAbility Experience - Laura

Laura always had a strong love of the Arts, so when she began thinking of possible career paths to explore, she naturally leaned toward something more artistic and performative – eventually setting her sights on pursuing music and dance.

MentorAbility Experience: Lito and Nicolas

MentorAbility Experience - Nicolas

Nicolas is a very social person and always enjoys being with people, and so ICSS knew that MentorAbility would be a great way to explore jobs that involve engaging the public.

ICSS used the MentorAbility program to engage The Westin Ottawa to arrange a mentorship for Nicolas in a Greeter role and they were more than happy to accommodate.

MentorAbility Experience: Michael

MentorAbilty Experience - Michael

When Michael came to Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) and the Inclusion Alliance to find a new job, he already had work experience stocking shelves in a grocery store. Michael wanted to work in the produce section of a grocery store next, but he was concerned he might not have the skills to do so.

MentorAbility Experience: Doug

MentorAbility Experience - Doug

Having recently graduated university with a degree in Applied Economics, Doug was more than ready to jump into his career; but, Covid made for an uncertain job market and he was unsure of his next step toward employment. Thankfully, Doug looked into his university’s career counselling program and they referred him to MentorAbility — a partnership that ultimately landed Doug a great job with a big Tech company! 

MentorAbility Experience: Basel

MentorAbility Experience: Basel

When Basel came to March of Dimes Canada (MODC) for help finding employment, he wanted to work full-time as a Farm Hand. Basel grew up in Syria where he worked on a farm his whole life. When he moved to Canada in 2016, however, he faced numerous barriers to employment including a lack of formal training, no Canadian job experience and deafness. With all these barriers in his way, it was not surprising that he struggled to secure employment.

MentorAbility Experience: Trisha and Tiffany

MentorAbility Experiences - Trisha and Tiffany

After considering potential career paths, Trisha had her sights set on working in the restaurant industry because she felt her positive energy and upbeat personality would translate well into customer service.

Trisha was soon referred to MentorAbility to gain hands-on work experience, and the first mentorship opportunity that came along was in childcare (and not the restaurant industry). Trisha figured that any work experience was good experience, so she agreed to be mentored by Tiffany, owner of the ProCare Family Centre in Ottawa.

MentorAbility Experience: Jonathan

MentorAbility Experience - Jonathan

As a tool for career exploration, MentorAbility hit the mark for Jonathan. His experience with Sarah and Louis at D2L (Desire2Learn) helped him to narrow his focus on future opportunities. It also gave him a deeper understanding how his current efforts can equip him for the realities of his future long-term role in the workforce. And he wasn’t the only one to benefit, Jonathan’s mentors at D2L walked away feeling more confident in their own roles.

MentorAbility Experience: Comfort

MentorAbility Experience - Comfort

Comfort connected with the March of Dimes to explore her interest in securing a stocking or merchandising position.

Through a MentorAbility match with Basic Packaging, she participated in a half-day mentorship. This MentorAbility Experience went so well that it led to the employer expressing an interest in hiring Comfort and training her in a position of interest. Comfort’s positive attitude and strong work ethic contributed to a ‘win-win’ for herself and the employer. She has recently completed six months of employment as a packaging clerk and is looking toward the future!

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