We have a number of initiatives and resources to support you on your journey

CASE is a proactive community-based group with extensive resources, events, and training programs for employers, job seekers, and service providers.
Whether you are looking to develop inclusive workplace policies, engage in workplace training, or network with others working to support inclusive employment, we have a number of initiatives and resources to support you on your journey.


This initiative provides and celebrates in-person and virtual mentoring experiences, networking and learning events, social media campaigns, as well as building a body of evidence through research activities. With a specific focus on facilitating unique, short-term (from 1 hour to 1 day) mentoring opportunities between employers and people experiencing a disability, this initiative is part of a national effort to promote the employment of Canadians experiencing disability.

Innovation Lab

CASE’s Innovation Lab was created in 2021 to support, promote, and share learnings from synergetic collaborations with partners across the country; to remove barriers to employment faced by people experiencing disability.


The Diversity Works research project explored the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) who experience disability as they navigate their employment journey with the assistance of supported employment service providers. The research was conducted between November 2021 and June 2022, and engaged 70 supported employment service providers, 23 employers, and 70 BIPOC jobseekers experiencing disability through surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM)

Disability Employment Awareness Month or DEAM was first proclaimed in Canada in 2010 by the Province of Manitoba. Saskatchewan followed suit in 2011, and British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and New Brunswick also secured proclamations shortly thereafter. Since then, dedicated employment service providers and community organizations have brought DEAM to life by organizing activities to engage employers, job seekers experiencing disability, and the public to promote the benefits of inclusive hiring.

Want to know more About Us?

Click on the links provided to learn more about CASE.

Want to Know More About Us?

Click on the links provided to learn more about CASE.


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