MentorAbility Canada

Provincial Hubs

What is a Provincial Hub?

Provincial hubs are employment service providers that work directly with the Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) to offer MentorAbility Canada across the country. Provincial hubs are the first connection point for local employment service providers (site partners), persons experiencing disability (protégés) and employers (mentors ) to connect with the national MentorAbility Canada network.

Ten MentorAbility Canada provincial hubs, along with many site partners, offer resources and information, and/or facilitate mentoring experiences across Canada.

Connect with the provincial hub in your region today.

Image: At the top left of the image is the MentorAbility Canada logo. At the top right is a graphic showing protégés, employers/mentors and site partners, linked together in a triangle. This triangle is linked to a colourful circle with a symbol of two people inside that represents provincial hubs. A gray map of Canada is in the background. A coloured provincial hub symbol is placed in each province, except in the Atlantic provinces where the circle covers the region and not a single province. At the bottom of the image is the CASE logo and a statement: The MentorAbility Canada initiative is coordinated by CASE.