The Disability Inclusion Advantage

Improved bottom-line
2x higher profitability

Employers with an accessible workplace are more likely to expand their customer base and in turn their bottom-line. Diversification is the key to success.
Enhanced reputation
92% of consumers will purchase goods and services from a business that employs people experiencing disability.

Inclusion is the future of the labour market. Embracing creative and inclusionary practices makes your organization competitive and relevant in the current labour market.
Increased Innovation
6x more likely to be innovative

Diversity in the workforce and inclusion of people with varying abilities fuels innovation and growth.

Improved productivity
Up to 30% lower overall staff turnover

All workers benefit from a more diverse workplace.

Research shows that when employees experiencing disability are graded on the same scale as other employees 90% receive performance ratings of “meets or exceeds expectations”.

Improved market share
Persons experiencing disability represent the 3rd largest market segment.

Currently almost 20% of Canadians identify as having a disability. That is equal to the combined populations of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. When you add family and friends, 53% of the population is directly affected by disabilities.

How CASE members can help you

01 Employ
  • Attract more qualified candidates through restructuring your job postings
  • Match recruitment needs with qualified individuals.
  • Provide access to a talent you’re your organization may not otherwise reach.
02 Equip
  • Perform on-site assessments and learn which workplace accommodation(s) will optimize the performance and comfort of employees experiencing disability.
  • Provide training support to new hires through “on-site” job coaching.
  • Provide disability awareness training.
03 Engage
  • Provide practical workplace accommodation solutions and advice to help you create an inclusive, accessible workplace.
  • Foster employee success through creating tailor made training programs.
04 Empower
  • Assistance in developing inclusiveness and accommodation policies.
  • Provide advice to ensure compliance with accessibility laws or guidelines.

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    Inclusive employment is good for business and the Canadian economy

    • Many job-seekers with disabilities are highly educated
    • Employees with disabilities have higher morale, satisfaction, and engagement scores.
    • Retention rates of employees with disabilities are higher, saving recruiting and training costs.
    • Employees with disabilities are more likely to follow safety directions and protocols than able-bodied employees.
    • The number of Canadians living with a physical disability that impairs their mobility, vision, or hearing will rise from 2.9 million to 3.6 million over the next 13 years, a pace of growth nearly double that of Canada’s overall
    • Improvements to workplace access would allow 550,000 Canadians with disabilities to work more, increasing GDP by $16.8 billion by 2030.
    • The increase in labour availability would lift the income of people with disabilities by more than $13.5 billion.
    Source: Widespread Economic Benefits To Be Gained From Making Workplaces More Accessible For People With Disabilities, Conference Board of Canada
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    Disability Employment Awareness Month

    An annual awareness campaign to promote employment inclusion and to celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities.
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